Life Purpose Thought Experiments & Exercises

Here is a sampling of some thought exercises to help you find your Life Purpose.

In his book The DNA of Success, Jack Zufelt suggests that you can identify your Core Desires by a process he calls Chaining. The process goes like this:

• Ask yourself, "what do I want right now?". The answer might be more money.
• Ask yourself, "why do I want more money". You might answer, "so I can provide for my family and enjoy my friends".
• Ask why do I want that...

He says at some point the answer will provoke a strong emotional reaction. That answer, then, is one of your Core Desires. Mr Zufelt feels that if you align your life with your Core Desires you will become unstoppable. He uses the colorful phrase, 'The Conquering Force'.

Your values can provide a clue to your purpose. I alluded to that in the story of how I began Core Beauty. When I read that my values had such importance my reaction was, "oh darn, I don't have any of those". That's when I discovered that my highest value is beauty. I look at the world through a lens of beauty. Even that I prefer truth over deception and peace over strife comes from my core value of beauty. It took me a while to adjust to that realization. Take a moment to think about your values.

Many authors suggest that you should pay close attention to things on which you are complimented. What have others told you that you do well? Sometimes you may need to look back into your history because you may have stopped doing those things that brought praise. The idea is that things related to our life purpose are almost effortless for us. Or, even if they require effort, the effort is pleasant and welcome. Think about your own natural talents.

Another clue to your purpose is what you enjoyed as a child. If you are one of the lucky ones you may still enjoy those same things. Some cynics believe that the school system and the workplace discourage our natural inclinations and conflict with our natural joy and purpose. Regardless, cast your mind back to your childhood joys.

Try this oldie-but-goodie thought experiment. Sit down and answer this question: if you had all the money you'd ever need, then what would you do?

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